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Based in Zürich, Switzerland

Hi there!

Glad to have you here. My name is Andreas — but please call me Andy. I’m an Experience Designer who initially set out to understand the brain. I am currently freelancing at 'die Mobiliar', which should keep me busy for 2018.

Besides that daily business I am keeping myself busy by understanding how my background in Neuroscience and Machine Learning goes together with my craft. Like: how can we use psychological knowledge to design things that work better for each user? How will Machine Learning impact the way we design - and what we design? How do we even approach design when an algorithm decides what to display in the first place?

What can I do?

Concepts & strategy

What problem are we talking about exactly? What knowledge do we have about it already - and which questions need to be answered? We can mull over questions like these, just so we’re headed in the right direction.

Interaction design & testing

It pays off to put something graspable in front of the potential users as early as possible, to see how well it works (or if it works at all!) and what needs to be improved. Early changes are cheap changes.

Analytics & optimisation

The world is agile now. I can help to monitor and analyse the Analytics data to find out how to prioritise what to do next.

User research

How do we find out what users really need? What is it that drives them? Questions like these surely are interesting, but also deliver crucial insights - I can help to answer these question with my psychological background.

What do my clients say?

  • Coffee afficionado
  • Cyclist
  • Traveller
  • Photographer
  • Dog person


- Neuroscience -

  • Institute of Neuroinformatics

    Visiting Researcher

    February - October 2017 in Zürich, Switzerland

    I was a visiting researcher at the Neuromorphic Cognitive Systems Groups for an 8-month project, in which we examined concept learning capabilities of artificial neural network systems.

  • Utrecht University Medical Centre

    Visiting Researcher

    February - October 2016 in Utrecht, Netherlands

    I was carrying out a half-year research project using a high-resolution fMRI scanner with the aim of improving the brain-computer interface technology currently used in locked-in syndrome patients (as part of the Utrecht NeuroProsthesis Project).

  • Universiteit van Amsterdam

    M.Sc. Brain and Cognitive Science

    since August 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    I have graduated from an M.Sc. with a focus on "Cognitive Science". The focus of teaching was placed on two topic areas; (1) mathematical modelling of brain phenomena and (2) biological underpinnings of brain function.

    Grade: 8.2 (cum laude)

    Grants received: Travel grant to attend a summer school in Waterloo, Canada

    Literature thesis: Artificial neural networks as models of information processing in biological neural networks

  • University of Westminster, London

    B.Sc. Cognitive Neuroscience

    September 2011 - June 2014 in London, UK

    I have received my B.Sc. from this University in Central London; it provided me with a wide overview of ways of understanding areas of the brain.

    Grade: First-class honours (1:1)

    Awards: I've been awarded with the High Achievers Award twice, as well as being a member of the Dean's List.

    Title of thesis: Examining the effects of a four-week condensed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programme on the unity and diversity of Executive Functions

- UX Design -

  • Die Mobiliar

    Lead UX Specialist

    since January 2020, in Bern, Switzerland

    I’m currently in a Lead role as part of the UX Design team of the oldest private Swiss insurance company, die Mobiliar, in which I oversee the design domain of insuring & contracts. This domain revolves around administering and purchasing insurance contracts and involves design efforts for both employees and customers.

    Senior UX Specialist

    October 2017 - December 2019, in Bern, Switzerland

    My journey at die Mobiliar started in a Senior role, working on projects ranging from improving the highly-complicated claim management process to developing new digital services for our customers.

  • DesignLab


    February 2016 - October 2017, remotely

    I acted as a mentor for DesignLab to help the students of the DesignLab to get the best possible start to their UX endeavours.

  • Mushroom Media

    Experience Design Consultant

    November 2015 - February 2017, remotely

    I was working on a project about sustainability and sustainability reporting for the TV industry.

  • JustGiving

    UX Designer

    April - August 2015 in London, UK

    I was contracting a second time for JustGiving, the market leader of charitable giving online. During this tenure I headed up a group effort to address concerns around privacy and user control and the impacts this had on the overall user experience.

    June - December 2014 in London, UK

    I was contracting for JustGiving, the market leader of charitable giving online. My main responsibility during this time was to lead the UX part of an app design (from scratch); I also headed up a redesign of the core of the product, the fundraising page.

  • Nitro Digital

    Experience Design Consultant

    April 2014 in London, UK

    I worked for Nitro Digital twice on short-term projects to support an ongoing project for a pharmaceutical client. I was involved in the creation of prototypes for testing as well as wireframing and interaction design.

  • Mushroom Media

    Experience Design Consultant

    April 2014 in London, UK

    I acted as a UX Lead for a project about social responsibility of TV companies. This involved getting an understanding of how the topic of social responsibility is important to TV companies, what these areas of importance are (and why they matter to the TV companies) and how a TV company can be gauged on how well they are doing in the respected area.

  • Time Out

    Experience Design Consultant

    July - December 2013 in London, UK

    I was hired by the well-known Time Out magazine for a one-week project; the collaboration was then extended and lasted six months. My responsibilities included to work on all channels, being responsible for the UX across the desktop web site, mobile web, and the newly-launched Time Out app. I have lead the efforts to redesign the payment flow for mobile, done conceptual and strategic work for a global responsive platform and carried out interaction design fixes to the company's iPhone app.

  • RightsTracker

    Experience Design Consultant

    July - August 2013 in London, UK

    I worked with RightsTracker during the summer of 2013 to create a detailed prototype that includes design elements and detailed interactions, which I have created using Axure.

  • TVEverywhere

    Analytics specialist

    January - March 2013 in London, UK

    This agency brought me in to carry out an extensive Analytics review for one of the leading museums in London.

  • TurtleMouth

    UX Lead and Project Manager

    August 2012 - March 2014 in London, UK & remotely

    I was made responsible for a bootstrapped start-up project, which has been paused for now. The idea was to give backpackers the power to connect to each other and share the local knowledge they have made in the remote places of the world. My responsibilities has included to do the strategic propositions as well as the UX and design planning, the project management of the design process and the hiring process for the development. The UX contained a very extensive strategy phase to assess the business potential of the business concept.

  • Digital White

    User Experience Designer

    April 2011 - June 2013 in London, UK

    Digital White is a small digital agency based in Parsons Green, London. I worked on projects for clients such as ISBA, CSI, Pirelli and InvestorBee. Due to the size of the agency I was working on all parts of the design process; my activity ranged from pitching defining strategy to producing interactive prototypes. I later specialised into the strategic side of UX Design and got more involved with the pitching part.

Key skills

Digital Strategy
Interaction design
Usability testing
Google Analytics & Business intelligence
User Research


Some of the things I've worked on.

My Things

Organising your household contents.

Portfolio Image

Mobiliar My Things

I've been the lead UX Designer on the My Things function, supporting the product team with the strategic direction and supervising the execution process from beginning to end.

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iPhone App

Charitable giving and fundraising - on the go.

Portfolio Image

JustGiving iPhone App

I've been the lead UX Designer on the iPhone app team for JustGiving, working closely together with the visual design, product management and development teams.

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Allowing charities to leverage their JustGiving network.

Portfolio Image

JustGiving Campaigns

This project entailed to understand the inner workings of different types of charities. I started the planning for this project and led a week-long workshop to collate the knowledge we've had about charities.

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Time Out
Global app

How to find that good coffee around you. Or steak. Or beer.

Portfolio Image

Time Out global app

This app was conceived in a cross-platform way; I oversaw the interaction design in the later stages of the app built and worked closely with the management as well as the development team.

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Time Out Offers
Responsive payment platform

OMptimising the payment experience of the Time Out Offers.

Portfolio Image

Time Out Offers payment flow

My task was to optimise the payment process of the Time Out Offers, which showed unusually high drop off rates - the one-week project resulted in an improvement of the conversion rate by roughly 300%.

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London Symphony Orchestra

Allowing young artists to shine.

Portfolio Image

London Symphony Orchestra Soundhub

I've lead the UX of this project, which was carried out through Digital White. This platform, which allowed aspiring musicians to both market themselves as well as inform users about the LSO's programmes.

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Incorporated Society of British Advertisers

The platform for British advertisers and agencies.

Portfolio Image

Incorporated Society of British Advertisers

This project, which was shipped by Digital White and of which I oversaw the execution, contained an extensive Information Architecture phase, in order to find the best structure for the 100+ pages and sub pages.

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  • Coffee afficionado
  • Cyclist
  • Traveller
  • Photographer
  • Dog person


I'm always around for a in Zürich.

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